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1. Take meds 2x day
yes, yes
2. Log everything
yes, yes
3. Plan meals day before so I have a plan ready to go when I wake up
no, yes (but it changed throughout the day)

I'm thinking that I should revise my goal #3 to be that I will plan my breakfast the night before, and work on lunch/dinner in the morning. It seems that's what I must be used to doing.

I skipped lunch today because I had a calorie and carb heavy dinner...pork country ribs in the crock pot with a little bbq sauce, home made au gratin potatoes, and a roll. With skipping lunch I am able to stay close to target on my calories and right on target with my carbs. This is the first time I've ever made home made au gratin potatoes before. A little time consuming, but the results were so worth it. It's amazing how eating clean tastes so much better than a box! Best cheesy potatoes I ever had!

The thread is so busy I'm having a hard time keeping up with everyone's posts. I will try to do better tomorrow.
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