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Hi all. It took me a while to find where you went to. I have not had very good days for the last 2. I get stressed and no money to go do anything and the high yesterday was low 20's. My road is ice and snow. I have been working out iside I have several exercise tapes. I did not get all the water I said I would but have been very close the last day or so. It is early and I have 4 cups down.
The thing about water is- the more you can drink down the better the wieght loss, water retenbtion is less, Mucus is thin enough to drain or blow out, and it helps keep the kidneys and urinary tracthealthy. So drink up all.
Oh almost forgot lost 2.5 lbs this last week.
goals:water 10 to 12 cups
exercise 3 to 4 times
calories under 1600
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