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You aren't doing anything wrong! This happens to everyone, myself included. Keep doing what you are doing, you may go a week or two (or 3 or like me, 5) without a loss. BUT DONT GIVE UP!

Plateaus SUCK but they happen from time to time. And unfortunately a healthy way to handle it is to ride it out. You can try to change things up a bit like add more weight training for a week, or if you usually eat 1400 calories, add an additional 200 for a few days so your body is "confused". It may help.

Im in my mid 40s, and I know we are all different. My weight loss journey has been very very slow, partly due to my diabetes. I cant just not eat, it will kill me. I have thought about quitting many many times. I've had great days, and I have had horrible ones. I wish I had the magic words or potion or secret to give you, that would make this all just happen for you. But I don't. I can give you, however, all the support and encouragement and positive energy that I have. DONT GIVE UP. PLEASE. You deserve to reach your goal. Scales are not our buddies, so if yours is pissing you off, yell at it and walk away from it. DONT LET YOUR SCALE STOP YOU.

You got this. I know you do. Keep on swimming.... and Hang in there.
Chris S.
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