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Default Down 3.5lbs in one week!

Granted it's not huge, but at least I'm not going in the wrong direction and at 152.5lbs as of today, I will take it!

I had suspected that my love of shots of hard liquor was impeding my weight loss even if I built it into my daily calories, and this proves it. Previously, I'd eaten the same amounts and exercised at the same level and would either not lose at all, or maybe .5lbs. Not only that, my tummy was becoming increasingly fatty fatty fat and it's gone down a tad.

I loveeee the taste of brandy and how it slides down my throat and warms my insides, but if the side effect is an unattractive figure (sad to say I can even deal with the occasional hangover), then I will restrict to really special occasions and will not count happy hours as a special occassion as the devil on my shoulder is prompting me to do

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