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Default Lost my groove and cannot afford a trip to a Tropical Island to get it back (Stella)

I'm 45, married and have 3 kids plus 1 grandkid. I have not worked outside the home in 13 years but I do have my own business I run from home, so it's not that I haven't worked.
Anyway, like most moms, I have neglected myself in order to take care of my family's needs. I've neglected myself in 100 ways, you name it. Body, health, teeth, eyes, etc etc. It's ALL gone downhill. Needless to say, I am a mess while my kids are thriving LOL

Anyway, that's IT, I've had it. I once 'had a groove' and some Mojo, but I lost it all. I once was a thin, healthy, somewhat attractive person with a lot going for her. Her name was Natalie. But I lost it all, including my name. I'm currently known only as Mommy or Honey.

Since I've worked from home, I also have no real-life friends. I have plenty of online acquaintances, but that's it.

How I long for someone to simply take walks with, ride bikes, play a little tennis... some kind of exercise, someone to talk to openly.

My husband is fantastic in all ways except communication. We have little of it, except joking around. Nothing deep. He works hard, long days, eats dinner and usually falls asleep before 8pm.

Mostly I need to tone what I have, but I do need to lose about 10 lbs, flatten the tummy, firm up the thighs...
It's really difficult to stick to things when you're all alone with no one to motivate you. But, like I said, I am 45 and I feel this is my last chance to get it done and look better, but mostly I need to FEEL better, physically and mentally.

I'm going to try to track my progress with pictures. For 15 years, I hovered around 133lbs (I am 5'4"). Recently because of just being a little depressed about my whole situation, I went down to 128 without trying, just not feeling hungry. So when I saw that, it kind of kicked me into gear. I consciously watched what I ate, drank only water for a few days and had NO sugar or colas. This morning, the scale said 125.4 and so there it is! That is the motivation I needed. If I could do that without starting the exercising, imagine what I could do if I work out!!

I'll have to start slow, stretch out my 45 year old cramped body LOL

Anyway, I look forward to reading all your posts and getting motivation and ideas.

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