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Unhappy Discouraged

It's the same old thing, I start recording my food and restricting my calories and I lose 4 or 5 lbs then I plateau. I switch from a balanced diet and do lo carb while counting calories and I lose 3 or 4 more then I plateau again. I exercise approx 5 days a week usually thirty minutes to an hour cardio of some kind and 15-30 minutes weights. Still after the second plateau it seems no matter what I do the scale dosent drop or even more ironic it goes back up! I've tried every supplement known to man and tried eating high amounts of fiber,extra water etc. and nada. Yes if I eat 1000 calories a day and work out like a fiend I can squeeze out another lb a week or so but this leaves me in a constant state of hunger and fatigue. Really hard to do while running a business and trying to function normally. I keep my caloric intake around 1600 calories a day and eat plenty of lean protein and veggies. What am I doing wrong???
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