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Originally Posted by kayle23 View Post
Hi there after much research into diets and excersise i cant find a suitable 'diet' that i can actually have motivation to stick to. Just lately iv been feeling down with the appearance of my body particularly my tummy and my upper legs and my upper arms. After beeing off work from my previous job from stress for 3 weeks i used to go to thr gym 3/4 times a week participating in weight training which i toned my arms up with 7kg each arm and also my tummy was getting toned, problem was when i came down with stress. i got very emotional, suffered anxiety so i turned to sugary and fattening foods. I used to have at least 2 indian curries a week and at least 3 lots of chips and bbq sauce a week (think of all the hidden fats and oils). Now im only 20 but my cardio has gone from quite healthy to very slack and i shouldnt feel this lathargic at my age. I need help and motivation and ADVICE to help me get back into shape without silly food supllements and impossible fad diets, becuase my tummy is protruding now and my biceps r now going from toned muscle to no muscle, its really getting me down. any advice would be much appreciated x
Welcome to FitDay. Usually motivation comes from within, not from a diet. You really have to want it to succeed. If you really want it, then make that change. No matter what "diet" you choose, if your heart's not in it, you'll be fighting an uphill battle.
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