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Cassie--The Jassi Cat is doing well. She still isn't allowed at WHN's place (stupid landlord) so I have to go back and forth to Momma and Daddy's to see her. But with WHN on second shift now, I actually have MORE time to see her. I don't have to rush home to see him before he goes to sleep for a few hours and then to work. Now, I can go to the parentals' and spend a good bit of time with her before coming home. WHN and I are saving for a new JC friendly home. He was originally aiming for roughly a year to a year and a half from his coming home, but now he's leaning toward as soon as possible. He's realized that the landlord is lazy and it's too far from both of our jobs. I'll have to keep y'all posted on that. You're off to a good start this week, keep it up!!

Joanna--Thanks for asking about me. Life has just been crazy, ya know? But a good crazy. I'm with you with just a few goals. I'm trying to ease my way back into the craziness around here

Krystal--good to see you back at it! Good luck with your classes. I've thought about going back to school, just not sure what I'd take. WHN is going to use the GI Bill to finish up his degree, which is awesome! Your goals look good. Do you mind sharing your new homemade meal ideas? I'm always looking for new meals. I get tired of the same ole same ole.

Hope--your goals are looking GOOD this week. You just gotta work on the light exercise, but you've got plenty of time this week. I have complete faith in ya! And don't worry about posting your menus, if it works to have it here on FD, then I say GO for it!!

Kimbur--welcome back to you too! I say as I have been hit or miss around here for months When is your 1/2?

Molly--welcome to the madness. Don't pay any attention to me and Mike, we have our own little world that we live in, and sometimes we like to confuse the heck out of our friends here at Fitday Your goals look good this week. Good luck with them.

Mern--MERN???? Where'd you go? You still gathering rocks to throw at Mike???

Ama--thanks for the welcome back. It feels good to have my "me time" again. I miss having the time to catch up with all y'all. I wish I had the patience for scrapbooking. WHN's sister gave me a small scrapbooking kit for Christmas, just don't know if I'll make the time to use it. I do like crafts though. Those that were around Christmas 2011 got to see my handwork at homemade blankets. I also love needlework and hand embroidery. I've done a few scarves this winter, and have a few more to make....just waiting for Hobby Lobby to get the yarn back in.

BUBBA!--I'm bbbaaaccckkkk. Now you have to put up with me in two forms of communication again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And IDWATNTKIHAHOBO, TWIBMFTWG. And know, ewe don't have tu explane everthang too me. Geez!!

Okay, I think I've covered everybody. If I missed someone, I'm sorry. I'll try to do better next time.

Today was a good day as far as my goals are, not so great on the home front. It's a good thing I haven't set a specific calorie limit. I'm trying to ease back into this. I've eaten how I've wanted for way too long, and I need to get it under control. Tuesday at work was a Tuesday at work....BUSY! Then when on the way home I saw something I never wanted to see. One of the doggies that WHN and I have been taking care of was hit by a car. The dogs are technically WHN's niece's, but since she's moved back to her dad's, we've been taking care of them. It was definitely NOT what I wanted to see laying in the road this evening. I'm not even sure if WHN knows yet. He loves those little dogs. I called WHN's sister, to see if her husband could get Bubba (the dog, not Mike) out of the road. They live two houses up from us. I tried to get Bubba out of the road, but Boss (the other doggie) was all up in my business and I didn't want him in the road too long for fear that he'd get hit too. Boss is going to miss Bubba, they were best buds. Anywho. I'm going to go watch some tv before I have to head to bed. Working on Wednesdays is still new to me. After 10+ years of having them off, my body doesn't understand why it has to get up early on Wednesdays now

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
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