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Originally Posted by molly221 View Post
I need to be more active here. 7 posts since jan 2011. I have logged my weight and meals in the last 2 years.

Log meals every day.
Walk at least 20 minutes each day.
Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night
Welcome back Molly!!

Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
I've gained roughly 10 lbs since he's been home. Partly because I haven't really cared what I was eating.
Wait, what?? You gained 10 pounds and didn't blame me? That's like saying "blah blah blah" it has no substance without the blame game. Sheesh, some people, do I need to teach you everything? Now in our WT language... WWYGWADBM??? blah blah blah. Dew eye need two teech you everting?

Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Pretty good day here. I was ravenous today, unfortunately, which makes it hard 'cause all you can think about is all the food you wish you could be eating. But, I've ended up around 1320 calories, so I did fine.

I'm watching the Biggest Loser, which I haven't done since like, season 2 or 3. It's pretty inspiring, despite not really being realistic.
good job on staying so low on the calories. Great idea on watching the Biggest Looser.

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Holy cow, you're back!!! I was beginning to think Mike kidnapped you!!!

You're counted in by all means!!!
No, she locked the door and wouldn't let me in. I huffed and puffed and when I was out of breath she threw an empty inhaler at me.

Originally Posted by lcriswell0421 View Post
Anybody mind if I come back and join the party?
It's been a while since I replied with a song, you get the first one of 2013!!

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Mike!!!! Welcome back!!! Sorry your back is out. Now I feel bad and can't even throw a pebble at ya.
Thanks. It felt much better once I hopped on the bike. Poor TPM has been neglected.

Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
I was hungry today too but I know why poor planning. All was good until supper, I was far from home, did not eat enough and then went to the gym hungry. And left the gym very hungry. And then picked up my son who wanted to go through the Tim Horton's drive through (he's eating 3000 cals per day to GAIN weight) and I thought oh well I will have a yogourt. Guess what no yogourt. I could have really blew it then, lots of bad choices at Tim's but I got a small decaf coffee and nursed it til I could get home and make some toast.

Learned my lesson about going to the gym hungry!! Total cals for the day 1300 whew! Close call.

Mike, hope your back is feeling better.

Poor planning gets the best of us. Thanks, as long as I'm able to go without surgery, I should quit crying about it.

Originally Posted by kimbur96 View Post
OK kids here are this weeks goals:
1) Follow the half marathon training program without deviating.
Training is for suckers! Well, I guess if I don't get busy, I'll be the sucker in.... ummmmmmm 7 weeks.
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