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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I haven't seen Eli's brand of anything around here, but I do use Equal or any other brand of aspartame. I use Splenda or any other brand of sucralose or maltodextrin and sucralose combo only in baking, if necessary for the proper texture because if I eat too much of it, it causes me to stall out or gain weight.

That reminds me, I accidentally made my flaxmuffins once and forgot to put in the Splenda. They came out more heavy and moist, but tasted fine. I may experiment with that that recipe to try to make the texture better without any sweetener besides what's already in the low carb whey protein powder.
Eli's might be a NY thing. I cannot do Splenda (tummy) and I think too much Equal is not good for my fibro. I usually stick to stevia - or the "pink sugar" (Sweet and Low.) I'll bet the muffins are fine with just the whey.
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