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I'M HERE, I'M HERE!! Wow, it seems like AAGGEESSS since I've been around. I haven't logged consistantly or did any kind of exercise in months. I was severely depressed because WHN wasn't home, and quite frankly I didn't care much about anything but getting by. Cut to October 15....HE'S HOME! FOR GOOD!!! Things have been amazing. It felt like I was missing a limb and it was returned when he came home. He found a job fairly quickly, which was great. Bad thing is, he was put on third shift. I would leave for work before he got home, so during the week, all we'd see each other was when I got home from work. And that time consisted of eating supper and then him laying down for a few hours of sleep before he left for work. Most of the time he'd ask me to lay down with him, and I'd fall asleep. I'd get good and asleep and he'd leave for work. I'd roll over and then sleep all night. It's one of the reasons I've been MIA for so long. I was sleeping the whole time!!! He was recently moved to second shift, and while we don't get to see each other any more during the week than we did when he was on 2nd, we do have our weekends together. The one bright side of second shift is he's home every night and here when I leave for work in the morning. So, yeah, that's what life has been like since October. It's been great. We're both extremely happy, and that's not something I'm accustomed to in a relationship.

I've gained roughly 10 lbs since he's been home. Partly because I haven't really cared what I was eating. And then there were the holidays. I guess 10 lbs isn't as bad as it could have been, but it's time to get back to doing what I know I need to be doing. I've decided that I'm not focused on the weight loss so much as I am just being healthier and more fit. So, if I lose more weight that's great. If I don't, but am more fit that's even better. I'm not going to restrict my calories as much as I was in the beginning. I know that I'll lose some weight just getting back into the swing of things...logging my food and exercising. I don't really have a set number I want to see on the scale though. With all that being goals will be short and sweet this week. Just trying to get back into the daily grind

2--Drink Water....lots and lots of water!
3--Hit the treadmill at least 3 times
4--Log in and post at least 5 times

That's it. I'm pretty sure I can do this!!!

Looking forward to catching up with y'all!

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
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