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1) stretch every day
2) plan food (seems to be working)
3) stay close to plan
4) drink 6 glasses of water
5) keep track of water
6) meditate (it really helps)
7) practice Spanish at least a half hour a day if not more
8) be professional
9) Do not JAD, explain I think is OK (justify, argue, defend)
10) Light exercise 3x min this week without doing anything to further upset my back or knees

Joanna, thanks for starting us off!!! I look forward to seeing your goals. 9 am IS early lol.

Robin, I try to bring lunch when I am not working at home. And planning has been good for me. I apologize if my plan posts have been boring but it helps and it's easy to do it here and have it to look at. And here comes another one...
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