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Default 7 Day Motivational Thread for 1/7/2013

Yay, I get to start the first thread in the new year! (Hey, it's the little things, you know?)

I'm up so early! Unfortunately I have class around 9 AM every day of the week this semester. I know to those of you who live in the real world, that's not early, but I'm use to setting my own schedule, and it's early to me! Blech.

The scale tells me my weight is still heading down, so that's good. Whenever I try to just exercise, or just eat well, I never see the consistent results that I do when I do both together. Seems obvious, doesn't it? A surprisingly hard pill to swallow...

Anywho, looking forward to another week of this stuff with you guys

(I guess I should post goals - later!)

Starting weight: 192.0 lbs (6/19/2011)
Lowest weight: 154.6 (6/25/2012)
Current weight: 164.4 lbs (10/28/2013)
Total lost: 27.6 lbs
Goal: 132 lbs
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