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Originally Posted by Stephaniet231 View Post
Hi everyone my name's Steph I'm 18 and my weight loss goal is to be 80kg then work further from there. I used to be 70kg but due to family issues I moved out when I was 16 and moved in with my boyfriend at the time and his dad. Before then my food intake was restricted so when I moved out and was aloud to eat as much as I wanted... well you can see that was my downfall. For a while I started to go into depression over my weight and I was just not me. After months of binge eating and staying at home on the computer all day I started to weigh 127kg :/ I'm better now Me and my family are talking again, I'm back to my usual self but my weight is still a big big problem. I'm trying to eat healthy and exercise. At the moment I do a 30min walk every morning except for wednesday and Friday because thats when I go swimming for about an hour. I'm hoping to increase to 3 days a week at the pool. I know I should be doing more exercise though so if anyone has some tips for me on exercise or healthy meals and snacks please don't hesitate Thanks
Nice to meet you Steph. Well it looks like things are turning around for you and you're headed in the right direction. Keep plugging away and the weight will start to come back off.
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