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Originally Posted by islanadbreeze View Post
Im new here to FitDay, I hope by the end of the year I would have reached my target goal, but Ive learned from the other goals Ive set with previous 'diets' that it isnt a good thing to be thinking how far Ive got to go.SO Ive been trying my best to remain in the day,in the now, there are other reasons as well as to why I take life one day at a time. I have Malignant Melanoma and I dont know what my future holds. I need a scan to see what lies ahead for me but Im a single mom unemployed and no income..believe me its hard where I live. I need to lose weight because my blood pressure has gotten out of control even though I am now on 3 pills for HBP the doctor told me I need to do something about it before I have a heart attack and if I survive that I will have no other choice.I am 46 years old and the past 3 years have been a rollercoaster with endometrial cancer and now melanoma..I have clinical depression as well the anti depressants have no medicinal value now and will need to up the dose or change to another type.All I know is Im miserable in my own skin:-(
Welcome aboard! It sounds like you've had a lot on your plate. Does your doctor have you on a special diet to help lower your BP? Sometimes when making goals, it helps to make mini goals to help you along the way.
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