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Welcome back, Mike!! I hear ya about the food in NOLA. Plus the BIG ASS beers. I'm not even a beer drinker and they get me (Abita: Jacomo, Turbodog, yeah.) Something about drinking a beer in NOLA. Don't even get me started on etouffe and beignets.
Love LOVE the pix, Mike. Love the weepig angel. Is the interior of the church the one by Jackson Square?

I've had the shiritaki noddles. They are kind of wet and a little - would the word be- gummy? Not quite but I think they'd prolly work best in soup. I've actually lost the taste for pasta and bagels for the most part. I can do a little whole wheat pasta and be OK for a long time so I prolly am not the one to ask. Now if only I could lose the taste for pizza. Considering I had a slice close to midnight and could have had more....

More later y'all (as opposed to yous.)
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