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Joanna, as for Michael (mecompco), I sent him a PM a while back (probably 2-3 months ago) and got no response. I was looking and noticed that his last post (or one of the last ones) was about a friend of his that lost his life in a motorcycle accident. Ive been getting worried about Michael but didn't want to PM him again in case he was going through a rough patch. I hope and pray that he is okay and is just taking time to heal or merely fell off the wagon.

As for Tori (my sis), I "talk" to her on a daily basis. Things between her and her man (aka WHN-What's His Name) are going great. They seem to be very happy together. She and I have both been slipping and back tracking. She claims that she'll also be back tomorrow, ready to kick some ass. I guess we shall see.
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