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I had a pretty decent day yesterday. I thought my cat was giving me allergies, as he is wont to do from time to time, but turns out it was a cold. I haven't gotten sick in a surprisingly long time! Seems to have a quick burn though, 'cause I'm already feeling better. I was blowing my nose a significant portion of yesterday, though. In any case, I sat around and read a bunch of books, which I'm allowed to do, 'cause I have to head back to the real world of grad school tomorrow Last semester of classes, though! Then endless research 'til I finally produce a thesis - no problem.

Anyway - food wise I did well yesterday. Ended up under 1000 calories, not on purpose, I guess I just wasn't too hungry, being sick and all. Today, I think I will start the next week of my C25k. I'm going to have to modify my route soon, 'cause I'm running out of space.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Hey, anybody seen Michael (the other one, mecompco) around recently? Not that he was in our thread that much, but... I hope he's doing okay, he was always such an inspiration. And Mike, where's Tori? Tell her she needs to be here!

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