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Jenn, that's a great resolution. Self acceptance has always eluded me. No matter the dress size i find fault with some part of me. I wish you luck and please share any tips you have. Life would be so much more peaceful and pleasant with a good dose of self acceptance

Mike, nice job on the photos. I love black and whites or architecture. I think they are so dramatic.

Mern, good job on the mileage. Your dinner sounded great. Perhaps i will follow your lead and try a new recipe for tomorrow.

Joanna, great job on the scale heading in the right direction. I so relate to the eating when bored, I am an emotional eater...bored, lonely, etc. try coming on here and posting when you want to eat and know you aren't hungry. It's what i do sometimes. Seems to help.

almathea, great job on cleaning out the cupboards!! You can't eat what you dont have.

Robin, welcome to the group.
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