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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
Mike, the race is in Chicago. I'm going to do a 5k in Pittsburgh in May, just so I can see what a race is like - never done one before! My sister is training for a marathon in February. I was visiting her over new years, and she goes out and runs 17 miles - crazy! Anyway, we'll see - I've never been much of a runner, but maybe having a goal to work towards will be motivating enough.
I was never much of a runner either. In fact i would tell people i can't run, because i was so bad at it. But i started a couch to 5k and did my first official 5k on thanksgiving. It was great. The adrenaline fueled me to my best 5k time ever. From there i moved my sights to something longer so I am signing up for my first half in April. I hope you go after your goal!! I read somewhere a good goal should both challenge and scare you. That's how i feel about the half, lol. Don't have the confidence yet that i can knock out 13 miles but I just focus on this weeks training and hopefully the distance will take care of itself.
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