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Default Over A Hundred To Lose

This is my first day on Fitday, I am looking for articles and your experience to help me see a different perspective.I need to lose well over 100 lbs I am 340lbs now. Since I have osteoporosis so bad any exercise will be difficult at first.I already tracked my calories for today.
Can you tell me what eating plan you followed? Did you go by calories,carbs or lowfat,no fat or sugars? My experience with Atkins was good I had lost over 60lbs until I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer resulting in a total hysterectomy and the weight I lost plus more has piled on.I could do nothing for over a year,I live in pain,fibromyalgia and now malignant melanoma. Despite all my challenges I still want to lose this weight and its not want to- its need to,my blood pressure is off the charts and if I dont lose it I will either die from a heart attack of eventually of cancer but I need to do this and looking for encouragement to not give up.
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