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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Joanna, I know what you mean. I went on a chocolate binge last night and was totally out of control. I guess it's like they say, one day at a time.

Mike, the photos were beautiful. Especially liked the one with the cherub in focus and the altar in the background. And the b&w madonna w/ cross.

Hope, Glad things went well at the gym, and that you don't have any unpleasant side effects ;-)

Mern, Thanks for the tip about the Red Yeast Powder.

Ama, Does Milk chocolate count as real food?
thanks Donna. I'm glad you liked them. I'll be going to NOLA today as well, I'll probably take more pics. No cemeteries though.

Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Joanna, it's ok you can vent here! There are days when I don't feel good about myself but it's a lot easier to motivate ourselves when we accept where we are. That's my resolution to see myself as beautiful.

Mike, how appropriate that you should put the weeping angel picture on. Christmas was sad for me. New Orleans is on my bucket list. Although I have no idea what I could eat there. That was our inside joke with my Dad. He drove there himself and it's 1,100 miles from Detroit to New Orleans. Yeah, were would you ever need that little tidbit of information but we would all laugh.

Has anyone here ever used shitaki noodles? I was looking at them in the grocery store--very expensive but practically no carb and low in calories.
Bought lots of veggies and fruit.

Jenn, sorry to hear that you had a sad Christmas. If you posted about it, I must have missed it. A few of the ladies here have come down to NOLA. All I can say is you can not be down here and on a diet. I don't care what anyone says, the food here is second to none! I'll be there today and can promise that between a shrimp poboy, pralines and beignets, I'm going to over do it. I haven't tried those noodles, I've heard about them and always wanted to but never saw them at the store when I thought to look for them.
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