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Hi Ladies! I'm new here today, and right with you. I had GB back in 2002 also, and lost 130+ lbs... last year, I had to have lung surgery, and finally quit smoking, but gave my self "permission" to "gain a few pounds" while I quit.... bad bad move... here I am now, up 30lbs since surgery, and struggling to lose it!!! Like you Andra, I might still have my little stomach, but I can eat pretty much whatever I want all day long, and gain weight. So today is my day, I am trying to get myself motivated, to put my pouch back to good use!!!! I know I can do this. It isnt the first time I've gained, but I was able to lose almost 30lbs in 2months before (3yrs ago)... .gotta get back at it and remember the rules. I would love to have support buddies along the way if you ladies want too!!!
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