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I don't think I have a gluten allergy. I looked it up and didn't think any of the symptoms fit.

Basal metabolic rate assumes one does nothing but lie in bed all day. I do sit for most of the day, either driving or at a desk, but I do run errands and move about some. A year ago, I could eat 2200 calories a day with less exercise and I maintained a weight of 135 without any trouble. And as I said, when I started gaining weight, I hadn't really changed anything about my lifestyle. I didn't suddenly start pigging out on candy or anything.

I do engage in high intensity cardio. My boyfriend is a hardcore cyclist (racing and stuff like that) and I am not as good as he is, but I do ride with him and can keep up over distances of 20 miles or fewer and I also do interval training with him a couple days a week (we do either 10 second sprints, 90 second intervals, or 5 minute intervals). I don't do any long rides or races, but I would imagine that riding 20 miles in just over an hour burns a fair number of calories.

I also alternate my elliptical routines between intervals (1 minute intervals, usually) and steady state, depending how I feel that day and what exercise I did the day before. A lot of times I combine elliptical days with an hour long walk outside.

When in the UK, I live out in the country near Windsor. I don't stay at a hotel and the nearest fitness center to me wants a yearly membership, which is quite expensive and frankly not justifiable if I am only there for a maximum of six months out of the year.

And I'm sure there is healthy food to be had in England, but I can't find hardly anything that I am used to eating and that I like and the diet dinners, while technically healthy, taste like crap compared to American ones. And I'm pretty much limited to things I can heat up or that don't need a lot of prep because I don't really have a means to cook. The kitchen is perpetually taken over by my boss (I stay at his house) and the countertops and stove are usually completely buried under his papers and other junk. He also refuses to buy any pots and pans (because what would he use them for?) and insists on eating out about four times a week. And really, eating out is about the only chance I get to have something healthy and real.

So I just end up not really eating anything of substance. Maybe frosted mini-wheats or eggs for breakfast, toast for lunch, hot chocolate around mid afternoon and then either a crappy heat up dinner for supper or going out to eat. I do try to pay attention to calories, though. I like the little red, orange, and green pie charts on all the food in the store and once I figured out what they meant, I stopped buying stuff with too much red or orange on it.
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