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Had a totally yummy dinner of steak, green beans and mustard greens on a restaurant gift card we got for Christmas from live-in GD and her BF. It was so much food that I brought home the salad of cucumber, tomato, and onion to enjoy with lunch tomorrow.

Cassie, LOL on the size of our mouths--nope, doesn't matter. Is there any chance your son could still make the tennis team based on his experience and success of last year--sort of a bench warmer until his shoulder is better? Having had tendonitis and bursitis at the same time in the same shoulder, I do know the pain both of you are going through. On the not justifying to my son on the amount of my exercise--it wasn't really any restraint I showed--I was just too full of myself this morning to feel like I had to justify anything to anyone. LOL He wasn't challenging me--just asked a simple question, so I took the opportunity to comment on Hope's JADE goal. Oh, golly, I find it so annoying when I forget to log something and then run myself short or out of further food allowance for the day. But I've learned that if I get really hungry after I've reached my limits, I should just go ahead and eat something sensible--otherwise I wind up face first in a bag of Oreos or some other junk food DH bought. How do you handle it--do you go hungry or eat something?

Oh, by the way, I did keep my promise to myself and to our group to get in a second mile before going out to eat.

Jenn, I'd get rich if I could find a book to learn all the answers, wouldn't I? LOL My next blood tests are March 4 and follow-up with the doc a week later. I have a lot of hard work to do between now and then. I wish we had a Wii, but DH isn't interested. I know people who have them and find it easier to get motivated to exercise when they can't or don't want to go to the gym.

Nyda, great job on the water and exercise. If you have done a good job exercising to the best of your time and/or ability on any given day, that's something to be proud of. I was going to do two miles in one stretch today and after one mile truly could not do three more steps--and I felt good about what I had done. I was able to get the second mile in later. The soup, nuts, and apple sound yummy on such a cold day.

Ama, kudos on the work in progress of getting rid of the goodies--in ways other than eating them.

Kim, it really does help me a lot with willpower when I try new foods. It doesn't have to be a whole new recipe--even just different combinations help. "Variety is the spice of life." Next week I'm not going to buy my old stand-by preservative free, low sodium deli sliced turkey breast because I'm falling into a lunch rut. But I do need something quick-to-fix because lunch time is also a time crunch for me. I'll try to think of something different this weekend--maybe something simple like a salmon or tuna salad to have on hand. I'll bet you'll make a lot of progress weight-wise between now and your marathons.

Robin, in that cold I surely wouldn't want to move away from the heater, either. Ooh, you had a heat wave at -8, eh? Kudos on your lap swimming. So glad you are enjoying FitDay. We certainly do get a lot of support from each other.

Hope, LOL on your thoughts on the one-size-fits-all diet. Aw, thanks for your kind words about my diet. I think maybe I won't let myself go nuts just yet over my stall and slow metabolism.

Mike, you'd better get back here Q U I C K--we natives are getting restless without your presence! LOL
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