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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Hope, nice report for yesterday! Do I get props for not justifying a few minutes ago? I had my three mile exercise tape in and gave my son an emphatic, just plain "NO!" when he asked if I was doing all three miles of aerobic walking. LOL Actually, I got on here to put a promise in writing that I'll do a second mile before we go out to dinner this evening. I really struggled to finish the first mile and honestly didn't have the strength to continue.

Well, maybe we'd better start GATHERING some rocks. Evidently the whip doesn't scare Mike anymore. We could give new meaning to the words "rocking it." LOL
Yes, Mern, as Cassie said, you get mad crazy props for this. And for how well you're doing and the yummy food plan. If it's a one size fits all diet we're going for we could do worse than yours (in fact, I HAVE done worse lol.)

Cassie, so sorry your boy is going through such pain but your good humor and great mom skills will help get him through.

I would write more but I am going to gather some rocks to help Mern motivate Mike...
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