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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Cassie, thanks for your encouragement. It really does help. Who's doing the PT--you or your son? That post oral surgery pain must be awful! I hope it works it's way out soon! But a major LOL on the irony of his exercising his jaw. My DH laughs every time I mention dentists and hygenists always tell me I have a small mouth. Apparently DH disagrees.
LOL, same thing mouth is apparently pretty small, too, but I guess size doesn't matter, right?

Unfortunately it's the boy doing PT. He injured his shoulder in Nov. while on the court and the ortho has given a number of exercises over two appts. but has now recently referred him to PT. It's not severe, but it is painful and he's not at full functioning, and he's very stressed because tryouts for the season start the end of the month . I'm really bummed for him and hope he can rehab it enough to have that experience again; he so enjoyed last year.

Come to think of it, I should do his exercises, because what he is describing sounds exactly like my shoulder impingement from last year and it's flaring up again.

And yes, mad props for not justifying, and I bet Hope will agree .

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