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Originally Posted by IBobi View Post
Can you try clearing your browser cache?

You'll probably still see the Premium indicator at the top -- are you seeing other prompts too?
I cleared my cache and took a fresh look. After I have logged in, I choose the "articles" tab and the articles are accompanied by advertisements on the right hand sidebar. For example, "This man weighs 170 lbs and can bench 420 lbs. See what amazing things a group of Cambridge doctors..." This is the type of ad to which I'm referring. Because I am a Premium Member, I had understood that there would be no ads. Is this correct?

I notice that when I transition from my login home page to "Articles" tab, in the upper right corner there is a tab to log in. Do I need to log in separately in the "Articles" section to avoid the ads?

Actually, I just tried the login from "Articles". When I login, I am returned to the home screen where I return to "Articles" and there are still adverts.

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