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I didn't have any trouble finding our group because there are always so many posts that the blue title stuck right out in the motivation-support forum. Plus, it being flagged as moved should guide everyone to the right place. I think it'll work out very well. Thanks to all involved.

Mike, looking forward to your rocking it next week.

Cassie, nice that you're caught up in other areas. I hope your work load this year is less stressful.

Hope, kudos on the good eating and exercise with DD. I send my best wishes for her continued good practices when she's back at school. Your food plan looks great today, as always. I think I may be headed back to enjoying avocados more often--my head still spins over the doc telling me I don't need the extra calories of avocados since my cholesterol is now normal, yet the dietitian thinks my metabolism is slow because of not eating enough calories. I guess that leaves me to figure it out for myself. I demand a one size fits all diet and medical book with all the answers! Is that too much to ask? I hope you find your discussion group pleasurable.

Jenn, kudos on getting in your water. I didn't--got in maybe 48 of my 64 oz. target. It's smart to ease back into the exercise. Your shredded wheat minis sound nutritious. I also read that about cinnamon helping with both blood sugar and with weight loss.

Kim, welcome back! Best wishes on your half and full marathon goals!

Nyda, welcome! Kudos on having that diet journal so handy. Nice goals and I gotta admit I'd definitely count those Christmas tree storage trips as exercise. I count heavy housework as extra exercise.

Donna, I love veggies, but also love turkey, chicken and fish, so going under 200mg dietary cholesterol would be an awfully difficult challenge for me. I hope you can get your cholesterol down to and kept at normal, too. I had learned of problems with consistency of dosage/strength and the same possible negative side effects as statin meds with the red yeast rice extract but my doc recommended I use the powder form anyway. I also got rid of the nasty fish oil burps when I switched to the odorless, burpless fish oil.
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