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Hi Nyda, glad to see you back after the holidays. I hope you are doing well and that we can help with your motivation.

Good to see you, too, Kimbur...staying on land for your next big accomplishment, I see . Power to you!

Donna, Paul, one of the IT people, made the move for us. Looks like people are finding us here in the new section just fine. FWIW, I use burpless fish's a tad more expensive but my grocery does buy one get one free occasionally, so that makes up for it. Glad you got a few goodies in you tonight at any rate, and that was a reminder to me to get up and get mine.

Ama, are you sure you wouldn't just want my list? I can use all the help I can get! I think from some of your posts I got the impression that we both have work that can be crazy and then slow that is when the catch-up time comes in. Oh, and I just calculated the chowder and it's not too bad...143 cals/cup and I used fat free half and half. I'm not a fan of rich, fatty, creamy stuff, so this was perfect; it had great taste and depth and wasn't too thin.

Donna, congrats on your year anniversary! And your dedication is paying off! The Manhattan style shrimp is a good idea. Over the holiday I did crab soup that was a tomato base. It needs a bit of tweaking; I was trying to recreate my grandmother's recipe that was never written down and which no family member can recall completely. It was good, but still a work in progress.

Mern, sometimes you just need to eat something you love...keeping the buffet to 3-4 times a year is pretty good in my book. I'm glad you got your exercise in and had some good times with the GDs.

Hope, your day with your DD sounds lovely. I know she's there for a limited time; may you have more fun days than stressful ones.

Krystal, great goals. You can do it!

Joanna, what an awesome goal! What's your training plan?

Jenn, Robin, hope you both are having a good day

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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