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Jenn, good idea with the shredded wheat!

Hi Nyda, welcome!!! 12 glasses of water! I am impressed!12 glasses!!! I can barely do 6. But I'm working on it...

Donna, I have heard good things about the red yeast rice pills, never tried `em. There are burpless fish oil pills; I have taken them but I too am inconsisitent. Sorry about the "food porn." But don't worry I have lobster once a year and butter very very rarely, if ever. I have highish cholesterol, high bp (controlled by pills) and lots of fun stuff (diabetes, heart diseaase, stroke in the family) so Itry to eat clean - cleanish anyway.

Cassie, I too, am here trying not to do the snacky thing.

Krystal, jump in any time!!! As some of my favorite Buddhist teachers say: start where you are.

Kimbur good to see you here. Great long term goals!!

Mern, I eat Chinese food verrrrrrry rarely. Too much salt, sugar, etc. Boy... the food I promised Donna I won't mention for a year and now this. Depending on how you look at it, I 've been treating myself very well or very badly... which brings me to my plan.

I am happy today because DD went to the gym (so did I) and ate really well. I hope she can stick with it but even if she doesn't, today was good.
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