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Yeah! We've been moved! Thanks Cassie!

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Donna, what are those cholesterol numbers: Cholesterol - 12/31: 427, 1/1: 230, 1/2: 54, ( 54 ? Yes! ) ? Is that your mg of dietary cholesterol intake or your blood cholesterol numbers?
Yes that's the 'Cholesterol (mg)' number from the Custom Nutrition Goals tab of FitDay's food log, (or rather the dots on the Custom, Nutrition, Intake, Cholesterol report).

Originally Posted by Mern View Post
I got my blood cholesterol down from 244 to 198 via 250mg or less daily dietary cholesterol intake along with supplements my doctor approved--fish oil and red yeast rice. Caution everyone: never take supplements without your doctor's approval as they do change your body chemistry and your doctor needs to work with you on determining the correct dosage for your body.
I had a really hard time with keeping my intake under 250 mgs of cholesterol when I started looking at that in Dec. I was trying for under 200 at first, but that was a total bust.

I have a friend who's hubby is a MD, and he received a recommendation to take red yeast rice for high chol., and takes it daily. On suggestion of friend, I try to remember to take it, and the fish oil capsules, but I'm inconsistent at best. I even tried putting the pills in a container that once contained chocolate candies, and that sits in a spot I pass at least ten times a day. But even that doesn't improve my consistency. I just don't like to take pills, I guess. Unless they're chocolate pills. And the fish oil ones make me burp.

BTW, I once read a study that assessed the content of a number of brands of red yeast rice pills from various source, and concluded that they all had inconsistent dosages of the active ingredient. I figured that guy must have worked for the pharma firms that make statins... but I digress.

Anyway, I've got my little candy jar filled with fish oil, vitamin E, calcium, B12, red yeast rice, etc., etc. But I hardly ever actually take any of it.
Maybe once a week I'll pick out two or three of them to pop. I think I'll go do that now...

[ok, took a RedYeastRice, a Fish Oil, an E, and three black olives.]

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