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Ama: Yes, fitday can be addictive, but it's definitely better than some other forms of addition.
And I think there is a low cal way to make shrimp chowder - Manhattan style. Or better yet, make gumbo - likely more calories than tomato based soup, but no cream.

Hope: Please don't write about Lobster. Or Butter. It was bad enough w/ Cassie & the cream and vodka. My focus for this year is to try to get my cholesterol to approach 200. So for New Years I switched to king crab, figuring you burn a few more calories eating it and it tastes good with cocktail sauce! I also limited myself this year to only one bottle of champagne. Had to do something to make up for all the cake at Christmas, and didn't feel too bad in the morning.

Robin: -31 ! ouch. I can't give up carbs either. I have too much of a thing for chocolate.

Joanna: Who's winning the weight challenge?

Cholesterol - 12/31: 427, 1/1: 230, 1/2: 54, ( 54 ? Yes! )

P.S.: If you have a problem with seeing posts on pages 2 and up, try clearing the cache in your browser.

- Donna

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