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Thanks to everyone for the kind words of Welcome Back! I may have left physically for a bit, but mentally I was in the groove (counting calories and number crunching in my head). Not that it did me any good, I just counted higher…

I am still not brave enough to get on that scale, but my pants still fit! Whoo HOOOOO! It’s TOTM, so not a good week to get on the scale anyway. This weekend will be soon enough.

Donna – YAY! 1 year! I come up on one year of FD next month. Kind of addictive huh?

Jenn – Yep I agree - time to find the routine again. I am right there with you on that one. My routine became one of excess, which has been really hard to break! I went through DS backpack last night and he brought home yet another bag of chocolates from school, and 2 lolly pops! The holidays have become all about throwing carbs at each other. Time for me to duck and run.

Mern – So good to see you back as well! Good luck figuring out your new calorie goal. It will be interesting to see how you work it out and stay in your other limits… if anybody can figure out the math it is you! I totally agree with the sesame chicken… so good to be bad!

Hope – 2 lbs is not super bad at all, given the holiday temptations - you can melt that off in no time lady! So glad you and DD had a fun day together. Your week looks great so far – lots of pretty blue!

Cassie – I think I may steal your master list for catch-up tasks goal… love it! I think that was my resolution from last year, and actually knocked off some outstanding stuff, but there is always more to do. I wonder if there is a low cal way to make shrimp chowder… it would probably be horrible though. There is no real substitute for real butter and heavy cream.

Joanna – The marathon… have you signed up yet? I know you can do it! What a great goal to work toward!

Krystal – YAY! Glad you are in for the end of the week!

Sorry if I missed anyone during my quick read-thorugh the posts. Have a great day everyone!!!
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