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I kept my promise and just finished exercising.

Jenn, kudos on your blood sugar being in the normal range after the carbs of the holidays. That's wonderful! I get kinda miffed when people think stuff works the same for everyone--like one's body adjusts to all the water-- or "I know you hate [insert food name here], but you'll love it how I make it." I'm getting some wonderful facial exercises rolling my eyes, though. LOL

Donna, congratulations on your lgging for a whole year! You are so right that it is key to achieving better health and physique. And major kudos on working off the holiday indulgences in just two days. Way to go! Thank YOU for being on this journey with US!

Hope, kudos on your stretching, meal planning (looks yummy again) listening, and "JADElessness" yesterday. That's wonderful about the theater bonding with DD. What play did you see and did you enjoy the play? I'm doing some bonding with live-in GD today, taking her to buy her textbooks--second semester of college starts this Monday. The college is only a 15-20 minute drive. Her 17 year old sister will be aggravated, though--because I have to take her along after I pick her up from high school in order for college GD to make it to work by 4PM. We could have gone earlier, but I knew if we went to the college first I'd lose my resolve to exercise today. I'm glad you enjoyed your beef burger with the small bun. I didn't have the turkey burger yesterday, either. Didn't feel like going to the grocery store but stopped at the butcher shop on the way home from an errand and got some low sodium, no preservative turkey breast instead. OMG, I love Chinese food, but have absolutely no self-control at the buffet. I pile my plate with sesame chicken (sodium and carbs in the sauce) and lo-mein noodles loaded with carbs, broccoli and mushrooms in some high sodium soy sauce. But I do limit myself to just three or four times a year on that. My feet and hands always ache the next day from water retention. Just shameful but I do it anyway. :P
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