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Default One Year Anniversary

Hi y'all! Been lurking this week - I kept waiting for that new forum for motivational threads I guess. Or, I just didn't want to post any goals this week.

But I had to report that I've reached a milestone today. I've now logged my food and activities for a whole year. Every day, I logged what I ate, and how many minutes I exercised, except during a ten day vacation when I estimated my total cals. Logging is the number one thing I attribute to the remarkable change in my health and my physique during the year.

Yes, I ate all wrong over the holidays, but now it only took two days to work it off, as opposed to the month(s) it took last year. And, even though a lot has gone wrong lately, I feel much more equipped to deal with what life throws my way.

Thanks to everyone for helping be a part of that journey.

- Donna
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