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Wow, this thread has gotten busy again!! Glad to see Joanna and Ama back, hope to see contributions from new people and hello to the gang!!!

Mern, I am so glad my turkey burger inspired you but I didn't have it!!! The waiter advised against it so I had a beef burger WITH bun (it was small) and a salad (instead of fries.)

I really blew it at dinner tho: Chinese food. Dumplings, noodles, shrimp and veg. Bad choice for me, and for DD. Then when we came home, I ate: turkey and cheese, a little couscous, cocoa almonds - more than my usual 12 or so. So I am hanging my head and then lifting it to say: new day.

So, Robin I have to get back to my carb watch, I feel better eating lower carb. And man, girl, that's cold. I cannot stand the cold anymore. Joanna, I am with you in spirit and hope to be in the Caribbean in body and spirit soon.

Mern, our mother/daughter theatre bonding: we went to see a play, had lunch and dinner and went shopping: FUN.

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