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Ama, carbs are the hardest for me to control during the holidays, too. Congrats on really awesome and sensible goals to ease yourself back into a more healthful eating routing. We know you can do it. Reece's peanut butter cups ARE real--real yummy. All kidding aside, kudos on your restraint--that's real progress.

Jaonna! Hi! Wonderful that you were in Florida! It's 31 degrees in frigid Ohio as I type this and I'll bet PA isn't much better. Best wishes in the new year as you "figuring out your malaise" to and sum up the courage to do that September half-marathon. We know YOU can do it, too.

Jenn, the reminder about the water was more encouragement than admonishment--or more honestly "misery loves company." LOL I DETEST having to drink so much water as my body never adjusts as people say. I was up three times last night to drain. Kudos on getting all yours in, too. I don't feel like exercising, but will promise you I'll do it today, tomorrow, and Saturday.

Cassie, great reports this week! Way to go! I forgot--when can your son get his regular license to drive alone?

OK--gotta go eat breakfast and then on to pre-planning and pre-logging the rest of my day. Bothers me to have to concentrate so much on food, though...
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