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I agree with Beebee.
I am 46year old, 27y smoker, now 3y tobacco free.
Smoking raises you heart rate into the low “heart healthy zone” in this zone your body tends to use more fat than glucose. This is why my weight stayed fairly constant till I first attempted to quit. Over 2 years trying gum, patch, lozenges, and then Chantix I gained 50 pounds. After a failed 6 month bout with Chantix and in utter desperation to pass the 1.5mile run to keep my job, I tried an electronic cig. You still get nicotine but no tar; e-cigs are about harm reduction not abstinence. After a week my chest no longer felt heavy and I could now start exercising without feeling like my heart was I going to jump out of my chest. I passed and my run time has improved by 1m30s over 3 annual tests and I mostly just did brisk walks to train for it. I also was able to lose 40lbs, mostly from exercise… it was more comfortable to do! The last 10lbs just dropped off in 2 weeks when I started eating paleo.
Look at Electronic Cigarette Forum :: for unbiased user information on how to start. It saved my job and my life.

I continue to use the electronic cig and have reduce my nicotine use by half, and will continue to reduce till I am at zero nic. Maybe then I will consider quitting using the e-cig.
Open your mind and take a look a paleo/primal. Eat the way humans have eaten for 100,000 years, not the 10,000 year old agriculture diet, or the 60 year old low fat diet.
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