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It's not too hard to go vegan and have delicious food. Go to google and use the search argument 'vegan blog' and you will find some wonderful things.

My fave, so far, is:
Herbivoracious - Vegetarian Recipe Blog - Easy Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Cookbook, Kosher Recipes, Meatless Recipes - Vegetarian Recipe Blog

Just start snooping in various food blogs and you will come up with amazing stuff. Today, I found a wonderful spicy tomato vegan soup - not even from a vegan blog, but vegan.

Recipes - Food52 - food community, recipe search and cookbook contests

I recently made fried plantains for my son. These are sinfully delicious and not fat-free. The Alton Brown recipe is closest to how I made them. A novel step is putting the hot plantains in cold water. I salted my water. Then, I let them air dry a bit before putting them back in the hot oil, but blotting them with a paper towel is a good, safe idea. If you see plantains at the supermarket, these are a treat. Can be eaten with ketchup, like french fries (also a vegan thing).

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