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Default At a loss recipe help please.

I am trying to lose weight and just generally clean up my diet and as a result I have placed the following rules on myself. It is basically Alton Brown's diet with a little input from the documentary Forks over Knives. Basically no dairy, a little plain yogurt from time to time when I want it, whole fruits and vegetables as often and as much as I want, nuts, whole grains, oily fish 3 times a week, red meat and poultry only once a week, same with dessert, alcohol, and dessert. As a result I am pretty much vegan 4 days a week. I come from a standard meat and potatoes maybe some corn or green beans kind of family. Does anyone have any recipes that would fit in to this or maybe a site I could use as a resource? I am kind of getting tired of salads, and would like to be able to have a real put together meal.
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