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Default 80 Day Green Smoothie Fast/Feast!

Hi! This is it! New Year's is here in 30 min. I have decided to go on an 80 day Green Smoothie Fast/Feast. From September 5-December 21, 2012 I have been a fully Raw Vegan. I was doing hot yoga almost daily and also green smoothies. I lost 25 lbs! Felt amazing, so joyful and happy, light. Then I stopped going to hot yoga class on December 13. On December 21, 2012...I cheated with cooked food! and since then everything has been awful. So tired and sedentary, lazy, gluttonous, food ravenous, depressive, etc. When I went heavy on the green smoothies, I lost 10 lbs in 10 going heavy on the bread, gained 10 lbs in 10 days. I want to change now. Sick of living to eat. Want to get back to eating to live..and actually living! I was never so happy as when I had those green smoothies. I would dilute them with lots of water and drink that like all day. Eating food has never really worked for me. I have always been such a slow eater. Slow digestion. Slow, slow, slow. And all that produced so much gas. Eating salads take up soooo much time. And I can never get satisfied with eating! The Vitamix makes the fruit and veggies digestion friendly and gasless! So 80 days...that's the deal. I really want to do this. Hopefully that will be long enough to starve out the gluttony monster within me. I want to purify this body! Inside and out! Midnight is nearly here! Goodbye wretched bread! Goodbye deceptive hummus and veganese! Goodbye disgusting cheese! I despise all of you because you enslaved my mind and body to your wicked plot in enslaving my soul. Come fresh fruit and vegetables! Come and purify my body! Come refreshing water! Come life giving Breath! Come radiant sunshine! Heal me! Purify me! I wish to use the life energy that you bestow upon me to help others purify themselves too! When I am joyful, others around me become joyful! When I am depressed, others around me become depressed! I am never so joyful as when I feel happy with myself! So, 2013 here we come! 11:59 now. Slime Time is almost here!
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