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I agree with what was said above. I think we have a hard time accepting our bodies because many of us have been so ingrained with what the "real image" of beauty is--even though that image is totally unrealistic for most of us. I once hurt my back and had to have x-rays. I kid you not, the technician exclaimed something like "Oh, wow!" I thought he saw something terribly wrong like a broken tail bone...when I asked what was up he said. "Oh, no, it's just that I've never seen lower ribs so large before..." Great! I could lose all the weight I want but unless I am insane and remove my lower ribs, I'll never have that "trim" waist. Also, what I realize now is the importance of the kind of clothes we wear. I have many friends who are "heavy set" yet I think they look absolutely beautiful because they dress in ways that are flattering to their body type. (I'm more of a jeans and sweatshirt person myself). I recently went to a bridal shower of a friends daughter. This young woman by no means has a "skinny shape". She is larger framed and "full figured" yet she is stunningly beautiful because of the way she dresses and carries herself.
That all being said, I am back on this forum because I have been really bad these last few months and have also gained back much of the weight I had once lost. It's more than what the scale says, but rather, now my clothes fit me tight again and I'm getting flabby again. It's because I haven't eaten well and I stopped exercising. So I've reset my goals...essentially I'm starting over, close to where I was two years ago but I'm not overwhelmed yet. I know I did it before by doing a good job exercising and eating healthy. I just need to get motivated again by focusing on the lifestyle changes. Good Luck and try to stay positive.
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