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Originally Posted by vyngoB45 View Post
Hi, I created a custom food on my fitday classic account and added onto my food log, but it came out all wrong, so I wanted to delete the item. I went to many topics in the forum that taught people how to delete custom food, but for some reasons, it did not work for me. Here is the steps I got from the forum:

1: Select "food" under the log tab.
2: Click on the "custom" for the custom food list.
3: Click on the custom food you want to delete. The label would show up, and at the bottom would be the "delete" and "edit" buttons.

I followed these steps, yet when the label popped up, at the bottom, I only see the "add to food log" and the "edit" buttons, there was no "delete" button anywhere, not at the top of the label list and at the bottom. There is not even a X mark next to the item for me to delete as someone had mentioned. Please help.
I cannot find a delete button to delete messed-up custom food either. Anyone else having this problem?
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