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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
And. Hope, putting stuff on line seems to be working for you!
You know, Robin, it is. Even if I don't stick exactly to the plan, at least I have one.

I try to do the same: try to nurse a small popcorn through a whole movie. But more often I buy the medium to "share," then wind up eating too much of it!!! What is it about movies and snacks? Truth is, I can eat a good part of a medium just through the previews alone!!!

I wish I could snowshoe but between the bad knees (and everything else), I will just have to live vicariously through you and others!!!!

As for the dessert, I blew it. I made an orange bundt cake with icing. Since I never made it before, you know I'm gonna try it. I will also bring a fruit salad but let's be real. I am just gonna have to figure a (hopefully small) piece in to my plan, also have to fit in lobster (OK) butter to dip (err not so OK) and champagne.
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