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Robin, like you, my beginning was better than my end. As I said in my goal post (pardon the pun) I went a little overboard with the pretzels.

I think it sounds like you did great. Snow shoe and hike, wow!! Sound sliek fun and good exercise. What is the actifry?

I too have trouble with the movie popcorn; just doesn't seem like a movie without it. I try to limit it tho I admit I recently went hog wild with it which might have been why I didn't even want it (tho I bought it) the next time. I spilled it out. I watched Les Mis on less than a cup f pocorn. When I am being really disciplined (notice I didn't say being good; it's not a judgment) I buy the small size and stick with that, despite the fact that money wise it is a rip off. But is it worth it to myself just to get a "better bargain"? Sometimes I bring my own pre measured snacks.

Which is the same with food and work I guess. It's hard but it mainly takes planning. Which brings me to my next post: THE DREADED MEAL PLAN. Actually I've beeen liking it. I finally just got back to the weight I was sustaining, 4 pounds lower than my "holiday weight" gain, one pound more than my lowest weight in recent history. My goal is to lose 7pounds. I just got new clothes - in my own drawers, pants I finally fit again - probably not in style but at least closer to my goal...

My big challenge now will be New Years Eve. DH and I have a traditional lobster and champagne dinner. Plus now we are going to a party where our friend have LOTS of food and I promised I would bring (gulp) dessert. Maybe I will make something I don't like (if I figure out what THAT is lol...) I may just bring a dessert for them and fruit salad for me. I have goals!!!! Haha.

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