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1) plan meals: Yeah, yup, no ( was writing, then ran to acupuncture in the am but these are excuses I know) yes, yes, yes
2) stick close to plan: HA! HAHA! Nooooo yes but I went overboard with the popcorn and OK I had soup at midnight...chicken broth...c'mon; next day: no plan, no sticking to it yes I traded out chicken for steak and had a cup of pocorn but ate less than planned otherwise I swapped out the sword fish for pizza, the first slice (a veggie slice) was fine; the second plain cheese eaten later and cold- well there was no reason for that other than compulsiveness close but my tummy was messed up so I ate some pretzels too many pretzels
3) stretch: yes, yes, no couldn't too weak (more excuses) yes, yes, yes
4) drink more water: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
5) remain positive: trying... trying...yes, yes and believe me, I was challenged Not really, still angry at DD who was insuffferably rude and disrespectful to me the other day. She did apologize and did try to work it out but well I have to let it go and apparently I'm not ready. yes I really did; I let go

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