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Hello all. My job ended about 2 days after the election. Just so you know,I find it much better not to get into politics and relegion unless you know someone very well.
I am feeling yucky and still fighting off what ever I came down with Christimas night. My sister is sick also and we just have no energy to get much done this last few days. We got the rest of the turkey froze today, and did a few dishes and that is it.
I am going to go all out starting on jan 2. I am going to weigh and measure and write a journal and log on to here everydaya that I can remeber. I want to be much lighter and in better shape this spring.
I am still having migraines. I had one in Nov. that was the worst I have had in months. I am going to get a lawyer and try to disablity. I had worked 4 short days, came home with a migrain starting, called in to work the next day. went back to my brown bedroom blinds closed lights off. It took about 6 hours and 2 doses of meds. I don't know what that dows to the diest but it can't be good. I have never called in sick the 5th day of a new job ever till know.
Here's to a great new year to all of us. Nyda
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