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Morning, ladies!

Ama, I don't envy you getting a dry tree out of your house. Pine needle city!

Krystal, I'm glad the scale had good news for you. That's always nice, and especially after a holiday!

Hope, I hope you feel better today. Stretch as you can, deep breaths.

Mern, the lunch swap not making a big change is testament to this being second nature to you. Way to go!

Hello, Robin, glad to have you on board. Enjoy the snow today!

Jenn, I hear you on the food choices. Evenings are hard for me, too. Fortunately, my goodies are gone as well; we planned that since the boy wasn't going to be eating much of anything as of yesterday.

However, because of trying to use up things in the fridge I bought for holiday recipes, my next few days' menu will consist of a seafood chowder and penne with vodka sauce...not exactly low cal, so portion control will be necessary. Plus I have scratch biscuits in the oven for the boy (it's a southern thing and I'm not a native but I'm trying), and will be making him mac & cheese later. I will be glad when he can eat meat again!!

Gonna go see if I can rouse Mr. Percocet now...

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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