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What numbers would you be typing in? 29/8/5 can't be percentages for a portion because they would only add up to 42%. So I'm guessing those are grams.

If the numbers you have are for grams of protein/carb/fat, then 29*4=116,8*4=32, and 5*9=45. The calories add up to 193. This seems 'close enough' to me to 190, since I don't know what kind of rounding goes on during calculations in the background (done by fitday).

116 (protein) is 60% of calories
32 (carb) is 17% of calories
45 (fat ) is 23% of calories (behold the awesome caloric weight of the fat gram!)

If you explain how you got the 29/8/5 and how you typed it in, it might help.
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